Long time, no type.

I have been very preoccupied with life and all that comes with it and just realized I haven’t even looked at this blog in almost a year.  Really 7 months, which is the age of my youngest kid.  I am feeling great and thought that I should write out some of the things that have changed for me over the last 7 months or so.  I am really going to make this a regular thing that I update and use.  I have been able to reach out to a few people that have recently been diagnosed with MS and think that I could help them and other people see what is out there for healing themselves as best as they can.

The biggest change for me over the last year was that I began to follow the Paleo Diet.  I will post a link at the bottom of this to give you some more info on what that is.  It started when I did a detox that an ND named Sierra Storm was holding.  It was an elimination style diet with hydro-therapy sessions once a week.  The diet was setup to remove as many toxic foods from my system during a 4 week timeframe.  The diet was very close to what I had read about Paleo eating and after the 4 weeks, I felt great and wanted to try Paleo.  On a side note, I had always struggled to eat with the diet that I was given when I had a food allergy test.  It was so involved and seemed so hard to stick to because there were certain foods I could or couldn’t eat within the same family (can eat goat cheese, can’t eat cow cheese).  The biggest benefit of Paleo was that all of the foods I wasn’t supposed to be eating were not allowed along with some others that I technically could eat.  This opened my world to Paleo and all the foods that I could eat instead of just thinking about the foods that my allergy test told me not to eat.  I think the positive change in attitude has helped me stick to it.  It is also very much to do with the fact that my wife researched the diet and found that she would benefit from it also so the whole family moved to Paleo.  The biggest piece for me was that there wouldn’t be any tempting kids snacks in the house that I would most likely breakdown and eat.

The basic idea behind Paleo is that you eat mostly whole foods and no grains (not even rice or quinoa).  You want to eat grass fed, free range meats and organic veggies mostly and can have some fruit and cheeses if you want.  There are tons of better places to find all the benefits of Paleo on the web so I won’t try to explain it here.  My main reason for sticking to this diet is that I like the food and I feel great from eating that food.  I went from 235 lbs down to under 200 lbs and actually stayed at that weight for the last 6 months or so.

I am going to detail this journey further and also the other areas that I have found great benefit in future posts but for now I hear one or two of my kids making noise so I have to go up and deal with that.

Here is a link to Robb Wolf’s webpage explaining the basic overview of Paleo.  Fair warning, he is all in on Paleo so its not an unbiased explanation of the diet but he is a leader in the Paleo community:


Thank you for your time reading this and I will be in touch soon,